This is the About Page


I was talking to a wine maker who came into Craft, and I told him about my blog.  He asked me what exactly my approach to beer in the blog was.  I had to think about it for a moment and realized I couldn’t really give the “elevator speech” for it.  So, I sat and thought about what I wanted this thing to be for a day or two.

First, I want to highlight the stories I find the most interesting coming out of the craft beer world every morning.  These will not be the most important stories, but they will be the ones that catch my eye and make me think.

Second, I want to do a weekly column called The Beer Counselor.  It is a look at the questions I get asked as a bartender.  Some of them are great questions.  Some of them aren’t.  Weekly I’ll take one or two of these questions and write a post that will entertain and educate.

Finally, there will be beer reviews.  I hope to have around 2 to 4 posted each week.  Since I work at a place that fills growlers, I will try to make the beers I taste growler fills.  No other reason, then it is really cool to taste out of a growler.  If for reasons of time, I won’t taste a growler over 3 days old, or choice, I’ll taste bottles.  I’ll provide some kind of (hopefully) cool backstory before I jump into the review.  I will highlight the characteristics of the beer and point out whether the beer accomplishes what the brewer was attempting.  I’ll always endeavor to review the beer I’m drinking not the one or the style that I wanted.  At the end, I’ll talk about the only thing that matters, whether I like it or not.

That is what I hope this blog will be.  I also hope to have it grow and morph along with my pallet and skill in describing what I taste, what I like, and what I think grows and morphs.  Back to the blog.