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Tasting Notes: Stone W00T Stout 2017

2017 W00T Stout from Stone has many things going on from the aroma to the finish. A lot of

Stone W00T Stout 2017
Photo by Ryan Moses

thought and planning went into creating this beer. That is apparent from the first whiff as you pour it into the glass.

It is a dark, dark, dark, dark brown bordering on black, like the oil from your car if you don’t change it regularly. There is no haze and it has a thin brown head and good visible carbonation.

There is a lot to the aroma. You first experience a strong whiff of alcohol. Then all the different malt aromas envelop you: chocolate, coffee, and smoke. Next is all the nuttiness from the pecans and spiciness from the rye. The beer closes with aromas of plum and raisin with the vanilla from the barrel aging.

As with the aroma, there is a lot happening with the taste. You would imagine the taste would knock you out with alcohol based on the aroma. The alcohol is definitely present, but not overpowering. Then you move into the chocolate, caramel, and smoke from the malt. Next, the combination of the rye and alcohol mimics the taste of cinnamon on the back of your palate. The pecan nuttiness and vanilla from the barrel aging close out the beer.

The wonderful thing about W00T Stout is that it does not overwhelm. With all these things occurring, it still drinks with a comfortable easiness. This beer that is crafted to be enjoyed. Not as an experiment to break ABV records or see how many weird ingredients can be included and still be palatable.

Food recommendations start with late night pancakes served with real maple syrup. If you want a more traditional meal, go with a pot roast with roasted parsnips and carrots as the root vegetables.