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My New Year’s Plan (not resolutions)

Let’s be honest, the year ends on December 25.  For most of us, we gear our year toward getting to and past Christmas.  New Year’s Eve is just another excuse for people to drink too much (see St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween).  New Year’s Day is a day everyone gets off work to stay home, nurse hangovers, and watch sports.

So, why should I wait until next Monday to figure out my plan for the year?  I don’t like the term resolutions.  It seems like self-help flummery.  My plan this year is simple:  Learn something new every day.  To that end, every day I will: Meditate. Write, Read, Study.

If I do those four things, I should learn something new about myself, the world in general, and beer daily.  This will allow me to attain the things I want for my life.

I’m not going to bore you with the details.  I do have simple benchmarks I want to hit, but those should be easy if I do those four things consistently.

Meditation will be the key to all of it.  I’ve been sick and sleeping in the last couple of weeks.  First, I was waylaid by 3 separate viral infections and then I was waylaid by all the antibiotics I had to take.  So, I used last week, with no antibiotics in my system, just to sleep and rest as much as possible.  An unfortunate side effect of that is I didn’t meditate.  I can tell the difference in how my mind works from just a week of not imposing silence upon it and letting it rest.  Meditation clears my mind of the clutter and allows me to let go off all the things I can’t control and stay present in my own life.

My writing and my will to write grows stronger when I meditate.  Meditation allows me to focus on the ideas I have and the best words to use to express them.  My focus in my writing becomes clearer as my ideas become stronger and more fully developed when my mind isn’t cluttered with things that don’t matter.

Meditation and writing help me learn more about myself, but through reading, I gain a better understanding of the world around me.  Also, I love reading.  Any good long form writing immerses you in a different world and shows you through one story all of humanity.  As a writer, I’ve also found my writing gets stronger as I read more.  Through reading, I am reminded how much meaning words have and how important they are even as we live in a time when the world doesn’t think that is the case.

Finally, I want to pass the Cicerone exam this year, so I must study and that gives me the opportunity to learn something new about beer every day.  There is so much to learn about beer because it changes daily.  No man ever steps in the same river twice (Thucydides baby) just as no one ever drinks the same beer twice (unless it is a macrobrew).  That means I will be tasting more beer and writing about them here.

I am a person who loves routine who my friends and coworkers, I am sure, think is boring and unadventurous.  There is some truth to that.  I do love routine and sometimes fall into ruts so I don’t have to think about things outside of the important things in my life (writing and beer).  That is the key.  If you don’t read this blog or try to talk to me about something that I find interesting, you won’t get my intellectual curiosity and adventurousness.

So, that is what these four daily goals are here to indulge: my own curiosity.