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GABF 2016: Notes On Day 3

4 days of drinking beer and wandering around an area seems like a great idea for a vacation (and it is a great idea for a vacation) until somewhere in the middle of day 4 you are looking at the grass under a tree on the disc golf course you are playing, and think, “I could lay there and take a nice nap.”

The last day of GABF and my last full day in Denver started like the others with a breakfast biscuit from Rise and Shine.  We watched the GABF awards ceremony as we lounged until it was time to leave for disc golf in Arvada.  It was a nice leisurely round. The group in front of us had speakers playing various EDM and the group behind us had speakers playing various 70s country songs.  That felt about right for a trip to Colorado.

There was lunch at another Snarf’s location, a final trip to Hogshead for me, and a nap for everyone.  Including Mattie, the greyhound. Then it was off to the final GABF session of 2016.

I like to think of the last session of GABF as Amateur Night.   The difference between Thursday and Saturday is stark.  Thursday you have the beer geeks all wanting to try different things and talk to brewers.  Saturday, you have all the college students from around the area and 30-40-year-old adolescents who all pregame before hitting the convention center.  Those two groups have one goal: Get as drunk as possible before 9:45.

I make my livelihood from people who like to drink.  I love those people, what I don’t like are the drunks who think getting a little inebriated gives them the right to act like the Republican nominee for president.  So, as the beer ran out and 9:00 hit, Dave, Ginny, and I decided to skedaddle and head home.  We were tired, the beer was running out, and the scene was generally degenerating into chaos.

I don’t want it to sound like the last night wasn’t fun. It was.  I got to try a lot more beers and talk to a few people I wanted to meet.  It was just the tail end of a jam packed 4 days.

Congratulations to all the brewers, particularly the ones from my beloved Tar Heel state.  North Carolina breweries picked up 17 medals at the awards ceremony.  The most the state’s brewers have won at any single competition and the 4th most by a single state at this year’s event. The surprise was the 3 medals won by Brown Truck Brewing out of High Point. Not only did win 1 gold and 2 silvers they were named Very Small Brewery of The Year.

I will actually have a more global 20000-foot overview of what I learned this week in Denver coming up either here or at Gravity Magazine. For now, I’m going to grab some breakfast and head to the airport.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 1/22/16

It is a snowy Friday. Let me take that back and explain to people not from North Carolina what is going on here. There is maybe 3 inches of snow on the ground. That isn’t the problem. The problem is the sleet and freezing rain that follows and then the fact that the melting snow will freeze again tonight.  Also, the reason we don’t plow the roads is we don’t have enough snow plows because this happens maybe twice a year in this part of the state.  Anyway, here is some beer news.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 5/6/15

Welcome to Wednesday.  If all goes well I should have another beer review up this afternoon and will work on another piece that will hopefully drop by the middle of next week.  Here are today’s links.

  • I read a lot about sports. There is this Twitter thing called #hottakes.  It is basically a way to describe bad and lazy sports writing.  It is usually done by a columnist who has been at it a while and has enough job security that he (it is usually a he) has quit trying to get things right and now just wants to tell us what he sees as wrong with the world.  Here is the beer version of that.  Wasn’t it better when beer was just beer and we didn’t have all these froufrou (he actually uses that at the end of the column) choices?
  • Two or three times a baseball season and football season we get this story from somewhere. “The stadium is watering down the beer and they charge a jillion dollars for it.” Here is the first of this season from San Francisco.  This “dog bites man” story is always done by the consumer watch dog at the station or newspaper.
  • I wish I could have seen this panel on women in the beer industry. It sounds like it was a much more informative and interesting session then the article conveys.  The trick to isn’t to market to people.  That leads to stupid attempts by white men to “speak” to women and minorities.  That rarely goes well for anyone.  See almost every McDonald’s commercial involving African Americans.  Just make a good product and treat everyone fairly.  The gist of the panel seems to be try that before you start pandering.
  • On Cinco de Mayo, Will Gordon finds a Mexican beer that he can say actually is quite good.
  • I thought I would be making fun of this as another local “hey look we’re making beer around here, isn’t that great” article that seems shocked that someone not named Coors, Miller, or Budweiser made beer. It turns out to be a good rather comprehensive article about the beer industry in North Carolina.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 5/1/15

There is a little Big Beer news today silly lawsuits and all

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 4/26/15

I love when local newspapers and television stations cover new popular things like craft beer. There is always the explaining of things in the most obvious way possible.  Here are today’s links:

Happy Sunday