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Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 11/12/15

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday.  I don’t know why, but for a good hour I kept thinking today was Friday and kept looking for podcasts that I follow updating their Friday feeds and waiting for blog posts I normally read on Friday.  Weird.  Anyway.  Here are the Five Articles. There is some merger news, mostly because people are moving past “the sky is falling” into let’s wait and see what will actually happen.

  • Here is a local look at what the merger will mean for craft brewers. Honestly, if you read this article what you will get is a lot of, “This could happen or this could happen, but we really don’t know.”
  • Here is an article with actual facts. It does a great job of pointing out what the deal actually means and why it actually occurred.  This will affect beer in the United States and Western Europe, however, this was about Africa, South/Central America, and Asia.  The emerging markets in the beer industry.  The effects on the US and European markets is the most unknown.  I think this will give the new company the ability to rebrand some of its brands to a new generation of beer drinkers.  Will it work?
  • The Brewers Association represents craft brewers and the Brewers Institute mostly represents the macro-brewers. However, they have managed to agree on the Craft Beverage Reform and Modernization Act.  They held a joint public briefing with congressional staffers yesterday.
  • This is a nice primer on nitro beer. We have a nitro tap on Craft and I often get the question as to what is it?  I usually explain it as this is the kind of tap you find Guinness on to give it those small bubbles that makes it creamier.  This article is a much better explanation.
  • Naming a beer is hard. There are 4000 brewers in this country now and they all brew multiple beers.  So, you end up with names that either badly non-descriptive or offensive. Let’s make fun of all those stupid names.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 8/30/15

Another week has passed and now you are resting on Sunday.  Let’s be honest, however, you are thinking about your NFL fantasy draft and waiting for the next 2 weeks to pass so you can settle in and watch football for 12 hours. On to beer.