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Five Beer Articles You Need To Read and Why, 5/8/16

I’ve been away for two very good reasons.  One, I’ll have a new address soon.  Two, I’ve been thinking about the focus of this blog.  My new address will hopefully help with the second part.  More coming in a few days.  Onto the Five Articles.

  • I know nothing about the Canadian constitution or how each province deals with the other provinces laws, but I do know that if a judge says a law is a violation of any country’s constitution that ruling does not just apply to the one guy who brought the case before the court. Now, that doesn’t mean the ruling shouldn’t be reviewed before it becomes the law of all of Canada, but It takes balls to say this sentence out loud to reporters carrying recording devices, “It is important to note that the effect of the trial decision is limited in theory to Gérard Comeau.” Whenever I read about this case in particular and Canadian laws in general, it always seems I’m looking at US laws through some weird looking glass.
  • Change is hard. Particularly change in a law which was the basis for your business model.  However, craft brewers and liquor store owners in Colorado were always going to be on the wrong side of opposing a law that would bring craft beer to Colorado grocery stores.  If a proposed law makes life simpler and easier for consumers, opposing that law is a losing proposition.  A compromise was going to be the only thing these groups could hope for and they are getting it.
  • Another state is trying to raise the cap on the ABV of beer brewed and sold there. The fear of people drinking high ABV beer is unwarranted for the most part.  If you are worried about people drinking that beer just to get drunk and wreak havoc all over the jurisdiction, I will counter that if they want to get that drunk they already can by buying a bottle of vodka which will be cheaper and much more effective.
  • The World Beer Cup is gaining stature every year. Up until about 4 or 5 years ago I knew nothing about it, but now I see how important it is in the craft beer community.  Unlike GABF which is only beer brewed in the US, the World Beer Cup brings brewers from all corners of the globe.  It has about the same number of beer entered into competition as GABF, but they are from around the globe.  It highlights how the craft beer industry is growing in ways that the large beer conglomerates can’t keep up with in the long run.
  • It is not a “craze.” It is not some hipster affectation like fedoras and ironic mustaches.  Craft beer is an actual business and movement that has real effects on local economies.  No clothing conglomerate is throwing billions of dollars at all the hat makers popping up across America and the rest of the globe.  The condescending way this story is written belies the underlying story that I’ve seen time and time again since I started doing this most mornings.  Municipalities across the country see the value in craft brewing and other small like-minded businesses in increasing their tax revenue and revitalizing blighted areas.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 4/26/16

You know there is a point where you figure out, you are getting old.  The amount of sleep you need and your ability to sleep through the night is one area.  There used to be a time where I could go to bed at 2, get up 7, and be fine.  I try that now and my sleep patterns are screwed up for a week.  Needless to say, I may have to catch another hour of sleep before I go into work today.  Anyway, here are the Five Articles.  Good stuff today.

  • The idea that a compromise was possible in Colorado was a tad more hopeful than sensible. The reasons are articulated perfectly in this article.  One side is being asked to give up part of their business model and the other side is being asked to give up winning a ballot initiative that will give them everything that they want.  At this point, the liquor stores need to figure out what their business model will look like after this thing passes.
  • This is a really light article. Not that it wasn’t well written or bad, just light.  It felt like eating cotton candy.  It is the kind of piece that is well written but you won’t remember what it was about 20 minutes after you read it.  Do consumers prefer cans or bottles?  Most honestly don’t care.  For a retailer, cans are easier to store and last longer on the shelf.  Also, you should never drink out of the can if at all possible.  Beer always tastes better if poured into a glass.
  • Sometimes you see the headline of an article and think, “I agree with that.” Then you read the article and something about the writer’s tone annoys you and his path to the conclusion annoys you and you begin to think maybe I’m wrong with my position.  This is that article for me.  For some reason, I also don’t think the writer truly believes what he is writing and that is the greatest sin a writer can commit.
  • This is a good article on what to look for in a good IPA. There are too man IPAs right now.  Mostly, because they are the easiest style to brew.  That doesn’t mean all of them are good.  Most of them are drinkable and some of them are good and a few are great.  One thing the article didn’t mention is to beware of IPAs whose recipes have changed without the brewer telling anyone.  It is getting harder and harder to get hops in the quantities needed to make IPAs, DIPAs, and triple IPAs.  Your favorite IPA might not be the IPA you fell in love with.
  • Here is a tight little article about the beer of Western NC that doesn’t focus on Asheville solely.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 1/29/16

Friday is here.  I have a weird relationship with Fridays.  I don’t have Saturday’s off so Friday is just another day for me.  For you, however, it is probably the end of the week.  Go out and enjoy pretending to work this afternoon as you wait for the clock to finally get to 5:00.  On to the links.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/10/15

It’s Thursday and I have a nice Earl Grey in my cup and just finished my bagel.  Let’s get into the Five Articles.