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Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 2/16/16

I had to miss yesterday’s Five Articles and the blog post I have planned.  That means I have a new post today and a new post tomorrow.  The plan is to have one Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On to a short and sweet Five Articles for today.

There are two beer stories that fascinate me.  One is the fight over putting beer into Colorado grocery stores.  The other is the Georgia taproom law fight.  It is a fight and the fight makes little sense.  This was a bill that was doomed from the beginning because the language of the law was ridiculously complicated which let the Georgia Department of Revenue interpret the law however they wanted to interpret it and put the brewery taprooms right back where they started.  This is a good column discussing why it has been so hard to get a common sense beer law passed in Georgia.

Beer geeks standing in line waiting for special releases is not the same as Black Friday mobs.  It is more a bunch of geeky dudes standing around in a line making snarky and ironic comments to each other.  I have often said I will not stand in a line for any beer.  There is no beer I will waste my time waiting to overpay for something.

Texas A&M and College Station, TX fascinate me.  There is some quasi-military idea of what the school is that the people that go there love about it.  Every time I here someone who attended the school, it sounds like a weird place. Here is a beer story from there.

Here is a press release about how great the craft beer scene in Ireland.

Now for a podcast featuring Daniel Hartis talking about craft beer and Charlotte.