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My Week On Untappd

Here is a new weekly feature for Mondays in which I will regale you with what I drank during my week on Untappd.  This is a good list of what I’ve drunk this week, but it usually omits one or two because sometimes I just don’t care and forget to check in.  For instance, this week I think I missed a couple of beers from Monday, but there was nothing new or noteworthy so it doesn’t matter.  This week is good because there are a lot of beers that are new to me or that I really like.

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Growler Taste Test No. 1: Catawba Brewing Le Sexxxy Saison

Catawba Brewing Le Sexxxy Saison

Growler 1 day old 20150427_170212

First things first, what is a saison?  Saisons originated in the Wallonia region of Belgium.  At that time farmers would brew the beer during the slow part of the year (late fall to the start of spring) for their farm hands to drink during the growing season.  Saisons are usually a refreshing beer that trends from light in color to dark and very fruity to dry and tart.  The saison is the slightly hoppy Belgian cousin to the French biere de garde which has a similar yet distinct profile.

Catawba Brewing’s Le Sexxxy is on the light end of the saison color range.  It pours with a clear and nice golden/light amber color.  It produces an off-white head that dissipates into a nice Belgian Lace as you drink.  It also has a nice carbonation that stays on the tongue.

Saison’s tend to be a little hoppier then their French cousins, however Le Sexxxy has very little hop aroma.  That is made up for with a lot of fruity (bananas, orange, and a little pineapple) aromas along with a peppery aroma from the yeast.  There is also a touch of bread in their somewhere.  All that makes for a very appealing aroma.

Now for the taste, the first thing you get from this is a nice fruitiness. I taste bananas and citrus (orange, tangerine, lemon) on the front end and a soft breadiness on the back end with a bit of that pepper.  It finishes with a nice dry tartness. On the tongue that dry nature combined with a light body a little taste of alcohol and nice carbonation gives the beer a nice finish.

That fruitiness, tartness, and dry finish that makes it rather refreshing and a good early summer beer.  The exact kind of beer a farm hand on a Belgian farm after picking whatever it is they grew on Belgian farms.  It is a little tart and peppery for my tastes in a saison, but it is still a good beer and worth finding throughout the summer.