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Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 10/23/15

It’s Friday.  What more needs to be said.  Go to work then on your way home have a beer and plan your beer drinking weekend.

  • I hate whales.  Not the marine mammals, but the beers whose rarity increase their value among some beer drinkers.  These are the kind of beers people will line up at 2 am to get in line to buy.  These are the kind of beers people will gladly overpay to buy.  If you are a beer drinker who is buying these beers to drink, I can understand.  I refuse to pay that much for a beer, but I understand.  The people I hate are the same bottom feeders who lurk in every capitalist venture that will buy the beers then auction them off for 10 times what the original insane price was.  This is one of the bad parts of craft beer.
  • I hate to break it to some of the people quoted in this article, but they will be greatly disappointed when this merger is approved. There will be some restrictions placed on the merger (MillerCoors will be sold and hopefully the distributors will be sold).  They will experience further disappointment when this merger doesn’t have the dire effects they believe it will have. It will have effects, but most of which are unknown at the moment.
  • If you think about it, the way the Georgia growler laws happened is very logical. The distributors, always one of the most powerful lobbies in state legislatures, worked it so that they would back off their opposition and get a seat at the table to write the law.  Of course, the law would make no logical sense.  They probably could have done 15 other things to keep the law from passing or to neuter it without making it silly, but they have, in my opinion, overplayed their hand and united the brewers they were trying to screw into a more unified and determined bunch.  People who have power, but don’t know how to effectively use it, always manage to shoot off their own foot in the end.
  • Here is a good article about how craft brewing is becoming a boon for farmers, in this case, South Carolina farmers. They are being helped not only by the craft beer industry in North Carolina, but the formerly dormant South Carolina craft beer industry.
  • I would love to see the Brewers Association or someone do a survey of every brewer in every state to find out what beers brewers would rank as the best in each state. Instead, we keep getting news organizations regurgitating RateBeer, Beer Advocate, or Untappd rankings and reporting them as news for clickbait. Here is your clickbait photo array of the day.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 8/10/15

The Five Articles will be quick and dirty today.  I went to New Grass Brewing in Shelby yesterday and sampled many of their beers and then did a tasting at home for the series of reviews that will begin getting posted today. Also, I watched the season finale of True Detective.  Please, let how this episode ended be the prologue to a season 3.