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Tasting Review: Boulevard Brewing Love Child No. 6

Germany and England provide the beer world with sturdy backbones.  Their traditions of lagers and ales are where the modern age of craft beer began.  Their beers make sense. Their beers have recipes and lineages drinkers and historians can follow. Then there is the third leg of beer tripod, Belgium.

Belgium has been described as the Disneyland of beer.  Belgian beer makers eschewed the simple water, malt, hops, and yeast recipes and started adding things like fruit, wild yeast, and aging beer in leaky wood barrels and foeders.  Without Belgium, we wouldn’t have a whole category of beer that has taken off in the last few years: sours. For all you gose and Berliner weisse fans, cool your jets.  I love those beer styles to, but the Germans have nothing on the Belgians when it comes to sours.

Boulevard Brewing’s Love Child sour series is one of my favorites every year.  Each year Love Child comes out and it is always slightly different.  This year’s release, Love Child No. 6 may be my favorite so far.

Love Child No. 620160208_135920 pours with a light haze with a medium amber color leaving a foamy off-white head.  The aroma lets you know it is a Belgian with the first sniff.  It has a welcoming funky barnyard and dark fruit aroma.

The funkiness continues with the taste.  There is more barnyard and pruny/plum taste.  The relative heaviness of the funky/pruny taste is offset by a dry and pretty carbonated finish that lingers on the tongue.

All in all, this year’s Love Child is a quality beer for lovers of sours and the curious who want to see what the sour world has to offer.