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Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 5/9/16

Normally, the Five Articles aren’t really work.  There is usually a good bullpen of stories that I just go through, read, and link.  Today was actually like work.  Here are five articles.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 4/29/16

Today will be a quick and dirty Five Articles.

  • The Reinheitsgebot is an interesting thing. First, it is a tax law created to protect the use of bread making grains.  Second, I believe it is a good guide in how to make beer.  It reminds you to use simple ingredients and use them well.  Third, I think the strict adherence to any law or rule in a creative endeavor eventually stultifies any potential growth to that endeavor.  While I think German brewers need to move past the law, I also think they should remember it and use it as a guiding force going forward.
  • For some reason, I thought this case was already adjudicated. It is an interesting look at the Canadian constitution through a beer lens.  There are similar laws in the United States (including North Carolina and South Carolina), however, I don’t remember ever hearing anyone getting arrested for smuggling alcohol from one state to another.
  • There are not going to stop this pub from being built. Maybe all the noise they make will make it harder for the pub to gain traction, but it will be built and lots of people will drink there.  The San Diego craft beer community needs to move and beat AB by making better beer and being cooler people.  Provide a better and more organic atmosphere then you will get at a big corporate pub.  You can tell the difference when going into a locally owned bar and a corporate franchise.  Make that and a much better beer selection your selling points.
  • Here is how a few simple changes in state laws can goose an industry into profitability. New York has done a lot to change its alcohol laws in the past few years and they are starting to see the fruits of those changes.  It is a model many states should emulate.
  • This is something happening in small towns all across the state of North Carolina. Many of these towns are trying to attract tourists from in and outside of the state.  They are attempting to make themselves destinations for people to spend long weekends relaxing in the clean country air.  That is why it is interesting to watch the clash of these small towns with the people they are trying to attract. Again, this is why I don’t think the people who passed HB2 though past the immediate bump from their voters about what they were doing.  Not all the tourists you are trying to attract fit into your traditional definition of a couple or a family.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 1/20/16

Another late start to the day.  I’m working on my reviews and columns for the next issue of Gravity Magazine and working a full-time job and working on new blog post ideas for this website and trying to keep up a good reading schedule and studying for the Cicerone exam.  So, there is sleep and work of some kind.  The only relaxing thing I do is read and actually write. Anyway, on to the Five Articles.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/7/15

Happy Monday morning folks.  No soliloquies on creativity this morning. I’m putting it in a separate blog post.  Today’s Five Articles slog through the latest information on the merger and takes a trip to Canada for a couple of stories.

Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/5/15

All artistically successful creative endeavors have one thing in common: their authenticity.  That means they have a thread of the “real” running through them that the viewer/reader can feel.  That real thing isn’t some posture created simply to attract a certain demographic.  It is something deeply felt and deeply held by the artist. It is a part of the artist’s core being.  With the explosion of new breweries popping up I think this question of authenticity in craft beer will become more important. Two things are happening.  First, in order to distinguish themselves from others brewers are trying to find their thing.  That thing that sets them apart and makes them stand out from all the others.  The second thing that will happen is the consumer will figure out which brewers’ distinguishing characteristics are authentic and will drift towards the ones who actually represent something and not just some market-tested affectation.  In other words, it may take a while, but the public almost always figures out what is bullshit.