Favorite Beer Links

The craft beer community is a big and welcoming place where you can get a lot of information online.  Besides Google Alerts, I use a lot of websites for news and information about beer.  Here are my current favorite sites.  Subject to change33.

  • One of the first places I always go with a beer question is craftbeer.com. It is the consumer website for the Brewer’s Association and has lots of good articles, food recipes using beer, and a pretty good style guide.
  • The next place I at least check in with a couple of times a week is the North Carolina Brewers Guild site. It always contains good information on the member breweries, breweries in planning, as well as legislative information.
  • I also use the American Homebrewers Association website. It has a lot of information on styles and homebrewing.  Some of the information is for members only, but the free information is still great.
  • If you want to know about styles, the best site is the Beer Judge Certification Program. It along with the GABF/Brewers Association has the most complete style guides available.  It also has information on how you can become an official beer judge.
  • If you want to learn a lot about beer, but don’t want to be a judge, Cicerone.org is your best resource. I have already gotten my Certified Beer Server certification and I am starting to really study for the full Cicerone certification.
  • Another good resource for beer styles and for the biggest beer party you will ever go to is the Great American Beer Festival website. The style guide for the GABF differs slightly from the BJCP guide, but only slightly. Also, if you are a craft beer lover you owe it to yourself to go to at least one GABF.
  • If you are in North Carolina particularly in the Charlotte area, you need to follow Daniel Hartis at charlottebeer.com. He has been writing about craft beer in the Charlotte area longer than almost anyone, he is a great writer with a couple of books about NC under his belt, and he is a nice guy.
  • Another writer who has been covering beer in NC for a long time is Tony Kiss aka The Carolina Beer Guy. He is the go to guy for information about the Asheville and western NC and Greenville/Spartanburg, SC beer scenes.
  • If you like your information in a more visual form, here is another Charlotte centric resource, That Beer Show. Wes Scott and Anthony Proctor make short and humorous videos to teach you more about beer and reviews, particularly, of local beers.
  • Another good video resource are the NC Beer Guys. Glenn and Dave travel around North Carolina with a camera and drink beer.  They do interviews and beer reviews and seem to have the most fun of anyone I’ve ever met.