One Beer Article You Need To Read And Why, 2/23/17

Luckily for me, the beer world is bereft of interesting news.  Or, Google Alerts hasn’t found any for me to read today.  I say, lucky for me because I am short on time this morning.  However, I did find this article in the Chicago Tribune that is worth reading.  Article? I should say listicle because it is a take on the Food & Wine 25 Most Important craft Beer list that appeared last month.  That isn’t a pejorative.  Listicles serve a purpose and they are very hard to do well.  This is one is done very well and is worth checking out.

Both lists are good.  I don’t agree or disagree with either.  They are opinions that get the major beers from the craft beer explosion that started with Anchor Brewing and Albion Brewing in the 1970s.  If you are a new craft beer drinker both lists are good places to start to learn the history of American craft beer. If you are someone who has been drinking craft beer for a while, it is a good reminder of how good legacy beers like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Anchor Steam actually are.  It is also a reminder of how revolutionary New Belgium Fat Tire and Sam Adams Boston Lager were at the time they were first released.

So sit back and enjoy the trip through craft beer history.