GABF 2016: Notes On Arrrival

10/5/16, 6:20 am

Airports always seem like they are full of refugees fleeing a war zone. Especially at 6 in the morning. Everyone has the stunned punchy look of just waking up and moves at 3/4 speed at best. The ones just off an airplane appear lost and disoriented because they are.  Hopefully, I’ll get some sleep on the plane. I didn’t get much last night. Anticipatory insomnia sucks. Just checked the weather. Is a nice and balmy 37 degrees in Denver.


7:05 am

The cattle call of status. “Those of you willing to overpay for the comfort of sitting in a seat with adequate padding come first.  The rest of you unwashed, try to find somewhere to sit.”  That is followed by the annoyed feeling of walking down the aisle stopping and starting again worried you won’t find any room in the overheads for your carry-on. I did meet a guy who will be pouring for Winchester Brew Works out of Winchester, VA.  I will check them out tomorrow.


8:23 am

We just landed.   In Charlotte. One of the flight crew figured out that smoke in the cabin isn’t a good thing, so we turned back. They are currently looking for a new plane for us.  That stunned punchy look has been replaced by the annoyed as hell look on the face of most of the passengers.  Luckily, I don’t have to be in Denver for anything in particular like some of the brewery people.  They have to check in at 10 am Denver time to get their credentials.  I don’t think some of them are going to make it.  Of course, I was just starting to go to sleep when we made our u-turn.


12:09 MT

Once we got a plane that didn’t have the smell of burning hydraulic fluid leaking into the cabin, the flight went as expected. Now I have gone from a metal transportation tube in the sky to one on and underground. I’m taking the RTD light rail from the airport to Union Station in downtown Denver. This is awesome and convenient.  Union Station is right next to Coors Field.  What a wonderful concept to be able to take a cheap light rail ride right into the heart of your city. Paying attention Charlotte?

I always forget how bright it is here being closers to the sun.


3:00 pm

Three of the cask ale beer engines at Hogshead Brewery.

Three of the cask ale beer engines at Hogshead Brewery.

After a nice brunch at Snooze in Union Station and a drive through Denver to pick up deodorant, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, Dave and I have arrived at Hogshead Brewery.  It is a small brewery making British style beers on cask that is a two block walk from Dave and Ginny’s house.  The staff is cool and so is the atmosphere.  It is the exact kind of place we try to make Craft.  Oh yeah, Dave is my best friend from high school who lives in Denver is always kind enough to put me up during GABF and Ginny is his lovely fiancé.  My favorite of the Hogshead beers is either the Downtown Julie Brown or the Extra Stout.  I’m going to have to do some more research and get back to you on that one.


8:00 pm

After a couple of appetizers and drinks at Vital Roots, a slow food restaurant with awesome food, we head across the street to Hops & Pie for pizza and $2 craft beer can night.  Us and a

The crowd on the Wednesday before GABF at Hops & Pie

The crowd on the Wednesday before GABF at Hops & Pie

ton of brewers and others in for GABF.  The place has a great can and draft selection.  As well as great pizza.  After a couple of great beers (Uplsope Brown Ale and Creature Comforts Athena) and a good pizza, my body has decided it needs sleep.  I have feeling tomorrow will include another visit to Hogshead among others and Day 1 of GABF.