Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 5/10/16

Here is a good Tuesday in the middle of May.  There is a good group of articles today.  I want to discuss some things I was involved with yesterday on Twitter in one of the links below.  It was good and informative.

  • Sierra Nevada Otra Vez is a nice gose. Not too salty or sour.  It is an easy drinking beer perfect for summer and it is good to see it win an award.
  • I don’t know if this will have the affects the alderman thinks it will. It may diminish litter, but public drunkenness is a different story.  I don’t think it will affect that sort of behavior much.  It may keep a homeless person or two from being drunk in public, but I would suspect public drunkenness is more an effect of being one place, getting drunk, and leaving.
  • This would have been better if the report told us why the two grocery store chains are holding out from joining the compromise.
  • Here is another story explaining craft beer to a new public. I like these stories when they aren’t condescending.  This report does not have any of that, “Look at the cute little hipsters drinking that craft beer stuff.”
  • This is what I want to talk about. Yesterday, Bryan Roth posted a blog post called “What Is The Brewers Association Doing To Address Gender And Race?” This spurred a discussion on Twitter between Bryan, Jason Notte, Jeff Alworth, and myself. When I read this article my first reaction was bemused confusion. Some of the answers to Bryan’s questions showed a stunning lack of understanding that there is a problem in brewing of inclusivity outside that of gender. It becomes clearer to me after reading the second part, posted today, “What Should The Brewers Association Do To Address Gender And Race?” that it may be the lack of will to do anything about the problem.  The Brewers Association and the state brewer’s guilds all have a lot of things on their plate.  However, the excuse that we have other problems to deal with that are bigger is a cop out.  It is your job to deal with these problems.  All of them, not just the ones that are least scary.  I am confident that the number of craft beer drinkers of color will rise organically.  I am much less confident that the number of brewers, brewery executives, or brewery reps will increase organically without asking those in a position of power to expand the pool of people considered for those jobs.  It is important to note that I do not believe this is done out of malice, but because that is the way things have always been done.  It’s going to take someone of significance hiring a head brewer of color (outside of Brooklyn Brewing and Garrett Oliver) for people to be able to envision brewers differently.