Five Beer Articles That You Need To Read And Why, 3/2/16

Is it Wednesday?  I can’t tell anymore.  Anyway, onto the Five Articles. There is not much editorial content in today’s list.  Most of these articles speak for themselves and/or I haven’t quite figured out what I think of the subjects they raise.  Or, they are articles about subjects I’ve written about before and I’m kind of tired of beating these somewhat dead horses.

  • First up is a small craft brewer buying other small craft brewers. This is something that could become a thing.
  • Next is a brewery doubling as a distributor.
  • Once again with feeling. For whatever reason, this last week has seen a few articles on sexism in craft beer labeling.  Here is another.  One of the things I learned from the television show House is to not focus on the symptoms but to use the symptoms as a guide to the real problem.  If beer labeling and names are offensive, maybe the problem is who is in the room making these decisions.
  • As I’ve done this, I’ve been stunned at the number of states that don’t allow full strength beer and wine sales in grocery stores. Here is another state trying to get off that list.
  • Annotative law versus connotative law is one of those random concepts I learned in a class you would think has very little bearing on my life. However, it is a concept I’ve found I go back to again and again. Simply it means there is law as it is written (annotative) and there is the law as it is interpreted and practiced (connotative). This article on what is beer made me think of it again.