Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why Post-Super Bowl Edition, 2/8/16

Yeah, don’t read any articles about beer today. Why?  They will all be about crappy commercials and Peyton Manning drinking Bud.  The commercials were all expensive. You can tell because it costs a lot of money to come up with the almost psychedelic insanity of some of them.  The beer commercials were what you would expect large multinational companies who sell beer to come up with for their biggest night.

At least, the Shocktop commercial was funny because of TJ Miller.  The Bud Light commercial was a lot of hype for not much.  The Bud commercial was what you would expect from Bud, “We’re the biggest, therefore we’re the best.”  Any other beer commercials I don’t even remember.  Of course, the best advertisement for Bud was after the game when Peyton Manning said he was going to drink a lot of Bud before announcing he is retiring.  I will only say this in response, why don’t one of the many high-quality Colorado brewers send Peyton a truckload of their beer that is better then Bud with a note that says, “You can do better than Bud. Thank you, Peyton.”

Anyway, as you can tell at  this point I didn’t feel like writing a full Five Articles today.  Partially because there was nothing to really write about today.  There are plenty of articles about the Super Bowl ads and Peyton Manning drinking Bud.  There are a few articles about more states in the South moving their beer laws into the late 20th century, but that is nothing new.  The other reason is I had a very long and exhausting week.  I had planned to bear down and start my writing schedule, but multiple 12-14 hour days at work left me ragged out and semi-coherent.  Yesterday was the first that I turned on my computer in a week.

Not to worry dear friends, I should have a review coming up today and I will be writing about a chocolate and beer pairing we are doing at Craft next week.  That will go up probably tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I have some Gravity work to tidy up before I write my review.  See you in a bit.