Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 1/9/16

Saturday has arrived, but my weekend doesn’t begin until somewhere around 10 p.m.  That’s OK I knew what I signed up for and I love it.  Even if my eating habits are crap.  Anyway, there is a little beer news today and I’ll list them.  Today’s list may seem like I hate a lot of what I read, and I did.  However, I found them interesting in their own ways.

  • Crappy football beer list. At least, Bears and Steelers fans have enough sense to drink Guinness.  The funnier part of this list is how many NFL fan bases drink liquor like they are a bunch of college students doing shots at a frat party.  I expected the beer list to be awful, but the liquor list just makes me shake my head.  Captain Morgan and Fireball show up on this list twice each.  I will say I was surprised not one fan base listed Jagermeister as their number one.
  • Crappy hipster beer list. If your budget allows you to drink beer that is better, then almost everything on this list you may be a hipster.  You certainly are a doofus.  I have partaken in everything on this list.  Of course, I was in college and then just out of college making almost no money.  I don’t drink that stuff anymore because I have a job that pays me pretty good money.  I’m also past the age of chasing affectations to make myself look hip and cool.  I’m not hip and cool.  I’m 41.
  • When you decide to make a beer, but your first thought isn’t the beer it is the amount of protein you can get in the beer, you will make a crappy beer. If your first thought is about the amount of protein or what the name and label will be or how you are going to market it to a certain audience and then you worry about what the beer will taste like, you are going to make a bad beer and you will fail eventually.  The big beer companies have a huge head start on you as far as making crappy beer and selling it to people.  You’ll never catch up.
  • This column is done a disservice by the title. The gist the writer is getting at is that hoppy beers are not inherently evil and in some ways good for craft beer.  If the beers are made correctly and they are made with the idea that hops are part of the whole taste profile of the beer then they are good.  What has happened as one of the brewers kind of says is, there are too many brewers right now and many of them are making bad beer.  That is why I believe the number of breweries will level out this year or next.  Many of the breweries that popped up in the last 3 years are going to die because of increased competition and the fact that their beer doesn’t measure up.
  • Here are a few breweries that have announced expansions in 2016. These are established brewers who are expanding their footprint.  This goes back to the previous bullet.  A new brewery can’t just open and dump a bunch of hops in a pale ale and hop to grow.  They have to come out strong with at least one good bell cow of a beer and something that sets them apart.