Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 1/5/16

I’m back at home from Asheville.  There will be a blog post summarizing the trip with photos.  There was no Five Articles yesterday because I didn’t find five articles worth writing about.  Then I got back home and slept. I start my study for the Cicerone today as soon as this is posted.

  • This saddens me. I love Ska’s beer, but this is what happens when you the number of breweries in your state explode like North Carolina.  Ska isn’t one of the huge names in brewing.  The average person who is just coming to craft beer in North Carolina has not heard of Ska Brewing. Out of state breweries like Ska, Mad River, or Alpine have a hard hill to climb to just get their foot in the door right now.
  • Here is a nice beer and cider release and event calendar for western NC and Upstate SC.
  • I honestly do not understand everyone’s fascination with party bikes. I look at them and see lots of people getting seriously injured to do something wholly unnecessary and stupid.
  • I’ll be interested to see how this works because I have questions. At what level of beer sales must you get to in order to participate in this keg program? There is no way it can involve self-distribution, which means this will only involve third party distributors of mostly big brands. I think it will simplify their lives, but no one else’s.
  • Why did it take 12 years for someone to buy this place and start renovating it? I don’t understand how municipalities let huge tracts of land and abandoned building stay dormant for so long. Those spaces, sitting empty, add no value of any kind and they usually look horrible.  From seeing this happen in other places, I think one of two things delays getting the are renovated.  In a perfect situation, there are too many people with too many ideas and not enough money competing.  In the bad situation, the property owners think what they have is worth more then it actually is and make unreasonable demands.  Eventually, someone gets enough money to make something happen and/or the property owners figure out it’s better to sell then keep paying taxes on empty space.