Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/29/15

Until I started looking at the news every day to find articles to post here, I had forgotten how little news happens in the days right after Christmas. Let me change that, I had forgotten how little news gathering happens the days right after Christmas.  This is especially true this year with Christmas and New Year’s being on successive Fridays.  Many people are taking almost two weeks of vacation this year.

So, instead of reading another round of year-end lists and speculative “what will happen in the beer world for 2016” columns of varying quality, today’s Five Articles will be Five Things to expect from me and the blog this coming year.

  • I will do more reviews this year. The goal is one review per week.  There are two reasons for this.  One I will cover in a bullet a little further down, but the other is to continue to add content to the website.  Tasting is also fun.  I get to drink a beer and tell others about it.
  • I will also get back to writing, at least, one (hopefully two) Beer Counselor blog posts. Again, these are fun to write.  They are hard work, but fun work. I want to travel and do more non-work related beer stuff this year and write about them.
  • I will take the Cicerone exam. My goal is to take the August 17 exam in Asheville.  I want to study and prepare for it for a few months before I take it.  If I don’t feel I’m ready by then I will probably wait until the exam at GABF this year, but my goal is to take it and pass this year.  This is another reason I want to do more reviews.  I need to expand and exercise my palate.  The tasting portion of the exam is the one that worries me most and the one I will have to work hardest at.  Also, prepping for the exam will hopefully give me more material to write about.
  • I will go back to the GABF. As much of a shit show, Saturday night at GABF can be with (a bunch of people with no responsibilities getting drunk and stoned in a confined space) the rest of the week is great.  The first night is the beer geeks night.  We are all wondering around trying to taste beers we’ve only heard of and trying to find the next great brewery.  Also, you are in Denver for a few days.  You get to go around to all the breweries and bars that respect craft beer.  It is just a wonderful working vacation.
  • I will provide you with more chances to read things I write outside of the blog. I will active seek out more opportunities for freelance beer articles this year.   This is actually in part goes back to GABF.  If it is at all possible, I would love to go to GABF with a media pass.  I don’t think I can express how big a deal that would be for me personally.

So, there we are.  That is a lot of words to say that my two goals this year are to pass the Cicerone exam and get media credentials for GABF, but there you are.  Also, there is one other thing I want to work on to take my mind off of the exam and other beer stuff that will remain secret until I get a little farther down the line with it.  If you know me well, you can guess what kind of project it is.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be able to scrape together five news articles from the past few days to pontificate over.