Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/21/15

Here is the Five Article on Monday before Christmas.  It is also the first day of winter and it feels like it.  It’s coming out a bit earlier than normal because I am going to see a movie this morning.  There is only one movie out right now that anyone in their right mind would preorder tickets to for a 10:30 show.  So, I’m going to do that and then at some point this afternoon, I will post a new beer review.  On to the Five Articles.

  • I don’t understand what the purpose of this is nor do I understand how you rank beer styles. That is stupid.  Ranking individual beers is hard enough to justify because the taste of beer is subjective.  Ranking beer styles seems absolutely asinine.  Somehow over time, Americans have developed this need for everything to have a narrative in order to explain things.  If something bad happens we search for the narrative that explains why it happens and who is at fault.  The rankings and listicles are an extension of that.  You can’t just say I like tripels more than IPAs.  You have to rank them and tell a story as to why.  If not for the idiotic ranking, this is a good breakdown of some of the most popular beer styles.
  • There was a worry that this year’s hop crop would be adversely affected by extreme heat and potential drought conditions. Not so much. I’m happy for all my hop loving friends.
  •  In many areas, the idea of combining alcohol and worship is literally sacrilegious.  However, there is a large segment of people for whom craft beer holds the same place wine does in parts of southern Europe.  It is just part of the culture.  You don’t drink it to get drunk, you drink it to enjoy.  Making beer a part of your praise and worship isn’t a silly conception for those people. Beer & Hymns is part of craft beer becoming more than just a fad. It is a part of the slow food and artisanal movement in many parts of this country.
  • This is a story that could be written about any number of US states, but it is about the Ontario beer laws. Large beer makers and large distributors are some of the biggest contributors to politicians in Canada and in the US.  There are even states (like NC) where some of the most powerful politicians in the state are major distributors.   Another good point about this article is how it points out that restricting alcohol doesn’t discourage binge drinking, It, in fact, has the opposite effect.  Restricting alcohol gives it an allure of forbidden danger that is like a magnet to kids.  Modeling responsible alcohol use for children has to be better than hiding it from them in hopes they will figure it out on their own.
  • Here is a good breakdown of the news of the year out of Asheville. I had forgotten about the Innovation and Bell slap fight.