A Quick Update

I know a couple of weeks ago I said changes were coming to the amount and types of posts I will be doing going forward.  Those changes are coming.  It’s just taken longer to implement than I had thought at the time.  Partly, that is because I want to do this right and I’m planning out a lot of what will happen in the first couple of months of the year. It is also partly because there is only so much time in the day and other things have to be taken care of.

I can say, next week expect two new review posts. If all goes well, they will be two side by side posts comparing a beer to its barrel aged partner.  There will also be a special post coming on Christmas Day.  This is the one I’ve been working on for over a week.  It is a refocusing document.

Part of what I’ve been doing the last few weeks is trying to remember why I write and why I write about beer.  I think this document is a good touchstone and guide going forward through the next year and beyond.