Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/5/15

All artistically successful creative endeavors have one thing in common: their authenticity.  That means they have a thread of the “real” running through them that the viewer/reader can feel.  That real thing isn’t some posture created simply to attract a certain demographic.  It is something deeply felt and deeply held by the artist. It is a part of the artist’s core being.  With the explosion of new breweries popping up I think this question of authenticity in craft beer will become more important. Two things are happening.  First, in order to distinguish themselves from others brewers are trying to find their thing.  That thing that sets them apart and makes them stand out from all the others.  The second thing that will happen is the consumer will figure out which brewers’ distinguishing characteristics are authentic and will drift towards the ones who actually represent something and not just some market-tested affectation.  In other words, it may take a while, but the public almost always figures out what is bullshit.