Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 12/4/15

The holidays are usually light in news, especially beer news.  There are the releases of a few whales which consume people for a couple of days to a week and the rehashing of the merger as new details slowly slip out by intentional and unintentional leak.  Anyway, I read a lot about creativity and about literary and art criticism.  I’m batting around ideas on a blog post comparing brewing to other creative processes and how criticism and beer reviews are similar and different.  A little preview, I am of the belief that when criticizing and reviewing art there is only text and no subtext.  You can only review what the artist actually did, not what you think he may have been thinking as he did it.  Since beer has only codified beer styles in the last 30 years, the idea of intentionality and breaking of conventions is recent in brewing.  Therefore, only now has the idea of what is the brewer trying to do, become a part of beer review.  This is still in the gestation period and will make more sense when I write it down and post it.