Confessions and Slight Changes

The Five Articles are coming up a little later this morning, but I wanted to make a confession and give an update on a few changes coming.

First off, my writing on this blog and in Gravity (and hopefully other places) and making Craft successful are the most important things in my life.  Those are the things that make me happy.  Over the last couple of months, one of those things has taken precedence over the other.  It has also taken precedence over other things in my life that I started doing over the last year to make my professional life easier and to stay centered and present.

So besides rededicating myself to reading and meditation and sleep (sweet, sweet sleep), I am creating a schedule for writing for the blog.  Starting today, there will be a guaranteed 3 posts besides the Five Articles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  At least one of those posts will be a beer review.  This week’s will post today.  The other two posts will be of the Beer Counselor nature where I answer questions I hear when I’m bartending.

As I said, I want to get back to the core of what I want my life to be.  The first step will be to get the blog back up and humming at full strength.  Again, I will be making other changes to make sure I meditate at least 30 minutes a day and read a lot.  If all goes right, I may also have other writing to put on the blog.

Also as an update, I want to let you know what my resolutions for next year are (I’ve already started working on my New Year’s Resolutions. My year always restarts in September and October.) First, I will complete my Cicerone training and become a certified Cicerone. Second, I am going to the GABF and my goal is to get credentialed as a member of the media.  That is going to be the harder part, but I can do that.

To sum up, stay tuned for the Five Articles and today’s review.  More is coming and it will be awesome.