Five Articles You Should Read And Why, 11/5/15

Another day and another Five Articles has appeared.  I loved Grantland.  It was one of the best websites for someone with my interests.  However, I don’t want to hold yet another internet-based wake for the now much-lamented website.  I want to touch on how Grantland was a small craft brand that could not survive life as part of the behemoth that is Disney of which ESPN is a part.  For craft beer people that is something we will have to watch happen over the next 10 years.

Grantland didn’t fail because it was poor quality.  It didn’t fail because it didn’t make money (no magazine makes money in the first 2 years and certainly not an internet magazine with the ambitions of Grantland).  It failed because ultimately it didn’t fit the overarching corporate structure in which it found itself.

I listened to Bill Simmons new podcast and he talked to Malcolm Gladwell in this episode and Gladwell said something I completely agree with.  A concern like Grantland whose approach is to be smart and interested in many different things without dumbing it down really doesn’t fit the culture of ESPN.

I’m not one of the people who hates the idea of “selling out.” I think, you getting mad at someone for deciding to make more money than they ever could have dreamed by doing the thing they love is stupid.  You don’t get to decide how someone else should find happiness or make money.  However, if you are the person deciding to sell your brewery to the big brewer, you should do it in a way that respects your breweries culture and how it will fit with the new corporate culture you are going to.  Otherwise, this thing you’ve built will cease to exist because it will be assimilated if it doesn’t

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