Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 10/27/15

Fall has finally arrived and it is a perfect NC fall day, 50 degrees and raining.  Anyway, here are the Five Articles today.

  • Look, I know I am a little more in the know then most normal civilians when it comes to beer. I can walk into almost any store in NC and tell you who ultimately owns any beer on the shelf.  I still don’t believe these people should have won this lawsuit, nor do I believe that there needs to be a legal definition of “craft beer.” It isn’t that I don’t want a guideline of the concept.  That’s what the Brewer’s Association is for ultimately.  What I know is that if there is a legal definition, it will become restrictive in what brewers can and will do.
  • This story of the Ontario Beer Store continues to be a fascinating story. If fact, all the stories about Canadian beer laws fascinate me because they (as most things from Canada are) the same yet just slightly different then the US beer laws.
  • This is exactly the way I feel about IPAs. I like them, but brewer’s attempts to satiate the hoppy appetites of many craft beer drinkers has made brewers go crazy with doubles, triples, quadruples, and quintuples.  There are many other beer styles that are great and they should be drunk by beer lovers.  Also, the amount of hops available to brewers is going to be limited over the next few years. Brewers should look to this as an opportunity to explore styles outside of IPAs.
  • Fermentation sciences is one of the newer curriculums at universities. This is a list of 5 of the best of those types of programs.  My one concern with the growth of fermentation and brewing science programs is that they may make brewers and their beer more homogenous.  Part of the joy of beer is that each brewer has his/her own take on styles creating their own terroir.
  • This is why the merger happened. The US market was not the primary concern of the two companies.  They are trying to take advantage getting into growing markets in Africa and Central and South America.