Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 9/8/15

The Five Articles go from local to international today, Saxapahaw to London.  Enjoy.

  • This is a nice profile of Haw River Ales in little Saxapahaw, NC. It highlights what I think will happen as brewery consolidation deepens over the next few years: The separation of big regional to national breweries and small local breweries. I think the only economic way for breweries to stay afloat will be for them to be really large or really small.  I could be wrong. “Cloudy, the future is.” – Yoda.
  • Crowlers are interesting. They are filled like growlers, but sealed like cans.  That means you get the convenience of the growler with the freshness of a canned beer.  In Texas, the legality of non-brewers selling crowlers is being questioned.  The legal details of the challenge escape me, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out eventually.
  • Here is a good primer for people interested in getting into craft beer. Finding a good entry point is difficult for some people and they need a curated list to point them in the right direction.  This is a pretty good one.
  • This is how you make beer.
  • The International Beer Challenge took place in London this year. I did not know this existed until this article.  While it does appear that many of the larger North American brewers participate in this competition. It seems to be centered more on the European craft beer scene.  As such, it is a good survey of some of the best beers from European brewers.