Porter/Stout Tasting Series: Southern Tier Choklat Oranj

Beer is wonderful.  I know.  Of course, I think beer is wonderful.  I have a blog dedicated to it.  I have a job dedicated to it.  It is what is paying my rent.

However, beer is wonderful because you can taste 7 beers from the same style and they can all be similar, yet still distinct.  If you follow this blog I have tasted in the past week:  Boulevard Brewing Imperial Stout-X Aztec Chocolate, Red Brick Thick Silky, Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro, Stone Chai-Spiced Russian Imperial Stout, Coronado Blue Bridge Coffee Stout, and Stone w00tStout 2015.

These are all porters or stouts.  All similar yet distinct beers.  That’s why I love beer.

20150816_222347The Southern Tier Choklat Oranj Stout is yet another distinct type of stout.  It is a sweet dessert beer.  It is one of a group of dessert beers Southern Tier makes called The Blackwater Series.  Basically, dessert beer is one that is made to taste like candy, cake, or Crème Brulee.

Choklat Oranj looks like a stout.  It is a dark brown color bordering on black with touches of garnet when the light hits it just right.  The head was thin with little retention making the beer look almost like black coffee.

The aroma jumps right at you.  It is all chocolate and orange.  This is a beer that does not hide from its name.  Besides the chocolate and orange, you get a little caramel and malty roasted taste on the backend.  There is a hint of bitterness to it that I attribute to the roasted malt and the use of bittersweet Belgian candy.  It is lighter on the tongue and in the mouth then you would expect making it much easier to drink then is safe at 10% ABV.  However, it is so sweet that after the first one goes down so easy, the second one will be a problem.  The sweetness just becomes too much.  This is a beer made for sharing.

After a good meal with good beer, sit down with a quality vanilla ice cream and pour this over it.  You and your guests will enjoy it.

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