Porter/Stout Tasting Series: Coronado Brewing Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

Here are the other reviews in the porter/stout series.

There is something to be said for being exactly what you say you are.  Some of the best coaches in all sports were great because they were great teachers and they taught what they did better than anyone else.

They didn’t feel the need to recreate the wheel with each coming season.  They knew what they were going to coach and you knew what they were going to coach, and you still couldn’t beat them.

Now these coaches did adapt certain things, but at their core you knew what they were going to do.  Their players were so well drilled that even knowing what was coming wouldn’t let you stop them.  Dean Smith shifted with the times and adapted to players, but you always knew the secondary break with backdoor cuts was coming.  Yet, you still couldn’t stop it.

Sometimes you know what a beer is going to be because it tells you in the name.  There is no mistaking it.  Some breweries like to come up with interesting names to mostly entertain themselves.  However, some of my favorite breweries just name a beer what it is: IPA, brown ale, hefeweizen.

20150814_210354The Coronado Brewing Blue Ridge Coffee Stout is exactly what it says it is:  a coffee stout.  There is no filigree or adornment.  You pour it in the glass and it has a clear dark brown color with hints of garnet.  The tan head is rather thin and has a medium retention.  It smells of coffee with a little roasted malt also coming through.  Often with a coffee stout or porter you will also get a little chocolate, caramel, or coffee.  Not here. It is all coffee.

This is a light beer when you drink it.  It almost has the texture of a porter actually coming off a little watery.  Again, there is no pretending as to what this is with taste.  You get coffee with a little roastiness from the malt.  Any bitterness you get from this beer will primarily come from the coffee and roasted malt and not hops.  It finishes dry actually encouraging you take another sip.

When I first started this beer I was unimpressed.  After three days of stouts and porters with fifteen different things going on, a simple coffee stout seemed a little weak and pedestrian.  I was wrong.  This is a good sessionable stout.  It is light on the tongue and dry with a low ABV (5.4%).

Since I can’t really think of a playlist to create here is a lot of Justin Vernon.

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