Porter/Stout Tasting Series: Red Brick Brewing Thick Silky Double Chocolate Oatmeal Porter

“He think he’s bad and ain’t got no class! I’m gon’ rock this shotgun up his muthafuckin’ ass!” – Dolemite in The Human Tornado

This is the second in a week long series of reviews of porters and stouts.  Here is the review from yesterday.  

There is a thin line between offensive mockery and creative imitation.  Brewers and their beer names and labels have come under fire recently for names and labels that are borderline offensive.

I went through a wonderful period just out of college where I watched a lot of Blaxploitation movies.  The allure in part was due to the ironic detachment I fancied myself having, but I really started to like the movies and what many of them were trying to say.  The movies went from the sublime to the ridiculous and where a movie sat on that spectrum depended upon the day I watched it.  Needless to say the movies either celebrated blackness in the 1970s or were half-assed attempts to exploit blackness in the 1970s to make a quick dollar.

My two personal favorites from the era, depending on how you define Blaxploitation are The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings and Uptown Saturday Night.  Bingo Long has some of my favorite Richard Pryor movie work and Uptown is in my favorite crime movie sub-genre, the conman/heist movie.

20150810_151253Red Brick Brewing out of Atlanta has a beer that is on the sublime end of the beer spectrum.  Thick Silky also has a bottle label wonderfully reminiscent of the movie poster of Dolemite and many other Blaxploitation movies.  It also happens to be a really good beer.

Thick Silky pours in a nice dark chestnut brown color and has a good, but interrupted off-white/tan head.  It has the nice aroma of chocolate with a touch of vanilla.

It has pronounced chocolate taste.  It isn’t an overly sweet taste leaning more on the semi-sweet end of chocolate with a bit of vanilla to set a great taste.  The smoothness of the oatmeal holds until the back end of the beer making it a very easy drinking beer.

This is a beer that lives up to its name.  It is a thick silky oatmeal porter perfect as a dessert beer or a good a beer you can relax and take your time sharing it with a friend.

Again, there will be a curated playlist for the whole series coming Friday, in the meantime, listen to this.

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