Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 8/4/15

Time for the Tuesday article links. Also, more content is coming in the next few days.  If all goes well there will be a special Beer Counselor, a regular Beer Counselor, and a series of shorter reviews all focusing on dark beers.

  • Have you ever watched a movie involving the mob when the guys go out and get some business owner to give them protection money? The guys go to a business owner and tell him, “It would be a shame if something happened to your business.  We can help keep that from happening.  For a small fee we will provide security.”  That’s kind of what Jim Koch did here except his is more a warning then a threat.  I keep going back to how the laws in this country that govern alcohol are antiquated and piecemeal.  These laws need to change with the industry, but entrenched business interests and archaic visions of morality get in the way.
  • Tax revenues are the thing that will break the deadlocks on changing beer laws. Just like in this story from Pennsylvania, states are trying to boost industry and business to create more tax revenue.  As more and more states see beer, wine, and alcohol production as a ways to create tax revenue and in the case of beer rehabilitate old industrial zones the laws will change to favor smaller brewers.  The next question will be, how will the big brewers try to use those laws to their advantage?
  • When you are creating a startup you really need to make sure you can use the name you want. This story is interesting for that reason, but also because it shows the growth of the craft beer industry.  The number of businesses that are brewing adjacent growing up around the country is a testament to how this is no longer a simple trend, but a growing industry and life style.
  • Here is yet more analysis of the Brewers Association’s mid-year data dump from last week. It is interesting to watch how this one press release keeps getting recycled and reanalyzed in some many different news outlets.  Everyone is trying to put their local spin and personal angle on the story to make it interesting for their readers and viewers.
  • As much as I want to make fun of this press release, it actual is a pretty big deal. Olde Meck sells a lot of Copper for two reasons, at least in my mind.  First, it was the first high quality craft beer to come from Charlotte and if there is one thing I’ve learned from living and working in Charlotte, it can be a territorial and insular place where people love to be seen doing the cool thing.  Also, Copper and all of Olde Meck’s beers are consistent.  They have conquered the thing that stumps many brewers, making each batch taste like the last batch.  And of course, if Olde Meck is going to put out a press release, why not take a swing at the legislature and beer distribution laws.