Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 7/28/15

Why must mornings come so soon?  Here are the five beer articles I choose for today.  They are a business heavy bunch.

  • Here are the mid-year numbers from the Brewers Association. It is on these days that I wish I was a brewer so I could get the raw numbers.  I rarely completely trust the summaries of statistical analysis because they are usually biased in how they are presented, even if unintentionally.  Anyway, according to the press release everything is growing at a ridiculous clip, particularly for smaller brewing operations with the main growth coming in the nanobrewery segment.
  • That leads us to this from Jason Notte at MarketWatch. The opening sentence is great and frames the rest of the article perfectly. All the different beers you see in your grocery store beer aisles come from a small group of companies.  This is why brewers in Colorado are fighting so hard to keep beer out of grocery stores in their state.
  • Brewdog is an interesting story and brewery. I don’t know how I feel about the guys and or their beer.  I haven’t figured out if it is the marketing or the beer that makes them special yet.  We’ll see soon enough. Maybe that is my strained relationship with punk music and punk music attitude coming to the fore.  As exciting and wonderful as I’ve found punk music, too often it has been about the aesthetic then the music.  In his case the aesthetic and the attitude have seemed more important then the beer at times.
  • Here is the other end of the spectrum, one of those smaller operations that is fueling the number of breweries opening up around the country. It is the familiar story of a home brewer perfecting his recipes and now trying them on a slightly larger scale.
  • There is another beer festival in North Carolina coming. This one in Hendersonville.  The Mountain Brew Festival will be held on August 22 and will highlight beers made in the North Carolina mountains particularly those in and around Hendersonville.