Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 7/18/15

I like days when I have to cut stories out to get it down to the five I think are the most interesting.  Today is one such day.  Here are the five this Saturday.

  • This is written about Vancouver, but it could be any mid-sized to large city in North America. I see the same thing in Charlotte.  I see the same thing when I go to Asheville.  I certainly see it in Denver.  I hear the same thing from people coming into the bar from Raleigh, Charleston, etc.  There is a culture developing that spans across the continent.
  • I think the writer is correct here. Partnerships and mergers like this are going to happen with more frequency in craft beer.  There are so many breweries now that it is getting harder to get shelf space and onto tap walls.  Mergers, buyouts, and closings are going to become more numerous.
  • “The more diverse everything is, the richer everything becomes.”  Andres Araya isn’t just talking about beer when he says that. This is the joy of craft beer: brewers making things their own.   I do hope more brewers take note of that.  While having 10 different choices of IPA is good, I would like to see more choice in general when you walk into a bar.  Walking into a place where you can choose from hoppy beers, malty beers, fruit infused beers, etc. is better than walking into a place where you choose only from different variations on the same theme.
  • I picked this article simply because I have always loved the concept of European style beer garden. This isn’t quite what I imagine those are, but it gets somewhat close.
  • I had been hearing that D9 was looking around for a statewide distributor ever since they announced they were bottling Viking Fraoch. Now they have signed an agreement with Mims.  I find it interesting that they went with a distributor based out of Raleigh and not one of the distributors closer to Charlotte.