Growler Taste Test: Blowing Rock Schwarz Bier

I had a customer from Philadelphia say the other day, in Philly she would go to a bar and ask for a lager.  They would hand her a Yuengling.  When she does that in Charlotte, they ask which one.

If you ever have the chance, you should go to the medal winners’ page on the Great American Beer Festival website. First, there is the sheer number of beers you’ve never heard of much less drank.  For our purposes today, there is also the mind boggling number of categories.

The Beer Judge Certification Program style guide is even more complicated with categories and subcategories and then different styles underneath. To make it even better, there are still styles of beer that aren’t categorized because they have been lost to history.

All of that is a preface to talk about schwarzbier.  This isn’t a style recently resurrected from history, but it is a style not too familiar to the general public. The name is German for “black beer” and it is best described as a dark brown lager.

20150713_170235The Blowing Rock Schwarz Bier has a pleasant dark brown look with a thick long lasting off-white head.  It has a good lager like aroma with hints of roasted chocolate and coffee. The hop aroma is very low with just a touch of herbal and floral hops.

For a dark beer, it has a light medium mouthfeel.  There isn’t a lot of alcohol feel and taste to it.  There is a heavy chocolate and roasted coffee taste with a hint of hops underneath.  It has a low carbonation that along with its chocolate taste makes this definition of a smooth beer.

Blowing Rock has created another well-constructed beer that isn’t trying to be anything other than a good drinkable beer experience.

When in doubt about what to listen to with beer, I usually go with The National.