Growler Taste Test: Sunken City Crooked Road Cream Ale

In some circles the concept of the lawn mower beer is one to be sneered at and derided.  In their mind the term connotes the mass produced American light lagers.  If that is all you think of when you think of lawn mower beers, you are sadly missing out on many good craft beers.

The cream ale is one such style that could be called a lawn mower beer. It was created by ale brewers to compete directly against the American light lager in pre-Prohibition and is an ale brewed and fermented the same way the American light lagers are including using corn as adjunct.  The style took a bit of a backseat after Prohibition ended with only a few brewers continuing to make it, but like many styles the craft beer boom has seen its return.

20150706_181701The Sunken City Crooked Road Cream Ale is a good example of the style.  It pours with a nice pale straw color with a foamy off-white head that hangs around for a while.  The aroma is very malty with little hop presence and a corn sweet back end.

The taste is close to the aroma with a very malt forward attitude and a corn sweetness in the back end.  It also sits light on the tongue and has just enough bitterness to make you want to take another sip.  It is a very drinkable light summer beer.

We Southern craft beer drinkers are always looking for a good lighter beer to drink on those many hot summer days.  Crooked Road is a beer made to drink after you finish cutting the grass or sitting out on a boat pretending to fish as you drink beer when the sun and humidly are high.  In other words, it is a great summer lawn mower beer that has a great and somewhat complex taste.  Just watch out, it has a pretty good ABV.  If you drink too many and fall asleep on said boat you may wake up with a bad sunburn.

A summer time beer deserves a summer time playlist: