Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 6/26/15

The five links takes a decidedly business and law tact today.

  • There was no doubt this was going to be number one on the links list today. I don’t really know how having a legal tax designation for what is a craft brewer is going to effect the people inside the craft world.  A lot of that discussion is already taking place. The more interesting aspect is how this effects those just entering craft beer.  Will they even notice or care?
  • The “What is this craft beer thing” kind of articles are so cute. This one comes all the way from Singapore, but it has good advice for novices in craft brewing.
  • The article asks the question, “Will AB-Inbev and MillerCoors simply assimilate enough craft brewers to make the concept of craft beer meaningless?” I kind of expected one of the AB-Inbev people in the article to say, “Resistance is futile.”
  • Florida craft beer has been an enigma. On one hand they produce some really great beers and they produce a lot of it.  They are 5th in state rankings of production.  On the other hand, they had some of the strangest beer laws in the US, notably the growler law that said you could sell 32 oz. growlers or 128 oz. growlers buy not the industry standard 64 oz. growler.  That will all end on July 1 when a new set of laws goes into effect.
  • Will Gordon, reviews the new Red Spur Red IPA from Lonerider here in NC. We often get asked if we have any ambers on draft at Craft. I think it is because a lot of NC craft beer drinkers like Highland’s Gaelic Ale and without asking want to know if we have it on tap.  I also think it is because many people here craft beer terms like IPA, amber ale, pale ale, black IPA, and have no idea what they mean.  I had someone once ask me if we had any black IPAs on tap and then point to another beer description and ask, what does DIPA mean?