Growler Taste Test: Gibb’s Hundred Blind Man’s Holiday Pale Ale

Gibbs Hundred is a new brewery located in Greensboro, NC.  I lived in Greensboro for a few years, unfortunately that was right before the growth of downtown Greensboro into a place someone would actually want to go and visit.  This is part of a national trend for older cities with empty buildings in their central city area.  They are finding that the growing craft beer community (brewers, bars, etc.) and other craft oriented small businesses love using older buildings.  First, they are usually cheaper to buy or rent because the city is trying to get anyone they can find to use it to increase tax revenue.  Second, they often have a good worn in look that fits well with the craft beer aesthetic.

Currently, Gibbs offers only three beers:  The Guilty Party ESB, Cherchez La Femme Milk Stout, and Blind Man’s Holiday Greensboro Pale Ale.  While this may seem limiting, I actually like it.  Too many times new brewers get too caught up in producing as many different beers as they can to keep their name in front of drinkers.  They try to come up with some new and exciting tastes to shock people.  Instead, I wish more brewers would concentrate on making a core group of three or four beers and perfecting the taste and consistency across each batch.

IMG_20150622_130645The Greensboro Pale Ale pours a classic pale color with a slight haze.  It has a good foamy head with a pleasing retention.  It paints a very inviting picture.  There is a nice bready aroma accompanying the citrusy, fruity, and floral hop notes.

It feels soft on the palate and the taste lasts on the tongue long enough to make you want another sip. The alcohol taste doesn’t overwhelm and neither do the hops.  You get a distinct taste of floral, citrusy, and herbal hops but not to the point of distraction.  The malt flavor provides a sweet counterbalance to the hops.

It isn’t earth shattering and it doesn’t change the way you view beer, but that doesn’t seem to be the point.  All in all, this is a solid and very drinkable American-style Pale Ale.

Gibbs is in Greensboro, which made me think of the NC A&T Jazz Ensemble, which made me think of Duke Ellington’s Take The A-Train, which led to this playlist.