Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 6/24/15

The links are a little late today.  This will be followed by at least one growler review and probably to.

  • Here is another review from one of my favorite beer writers. The reason I like Will Gordon’s reviews is not solely because of his taste in beer (we have similar palates).  It is mostly because he is trying to tell a story and make it interesting.  He uses the reviews in a way that  allows him to comment on the entire beer world.  He doesn’t take this thing too seriously and he understands most people only want to know if they are going to like the beer.  Building the narrative helps explain to readers why they may or may not like a beer. They don’t need a long dissertation on the ways taste is translated from your tongue to the brain.
  • Having said that, here is a link that will help you learn all those pretentious words I just decried. This is a good quick primer on some of the things you may here beer judges, Cicerones, and brewers say to each other when talking about beer.
  • I wish local newspapers or magazines in every area with a lot of breweries and beer businesses would run an article like this. Mostly to remind some of the men involved in beer and brewing that women are an integral part of this endeavor.  The vast majority of breweries and brewers get that, but as in all things there are still strains of the “He-man Woman Haters Club” running through brewing.
  • This is mostly about the Oktoberfest that will be coming to Sierra Nevada’s Asheville beer palace this October, but it has a nice listing of many of the major beer events occurring in Western North Carolina this year.
  • Another brewery is coming, this time to Cabarrus County. I know I have seemed like a person waiting for the sky to fall with all the new breweries opening up almost on a monthly basis.  However, my interest is more in what is the point at which the market is saturated.  When will we hit the place where we can no longer support all the breweries and some of the breweries ambitions?  Followed by, what happens next?  Will it be like the 1990s when the herd is culled of the weak and unfocused leading to the explosion we have seen over the last few years?  Or will it just become an absorption.  By that I mean, will the larger craft brewers simply absorb the smaller failing breweries around them like amoebas?