Growler Taste Test: Lookout Brewing Black Mountain IPA

Brewers usually fall into two categories.  There are more and different ways to group them, but 95% of the craft brewers fall into these categories.  The first category are the experimenters.  They are always looking to try things and throwing whatever catches their fancy into a batch almost just to see what happens.  They can create great and innovative beers, but they can also create something barely digestible.

The second category are the unostentatious. They are more concerned with making sure the beer they brew is always good and drinkable.  They aren’t trying to prove how smart they are or how creative they can be.  They may not shock the world and blow minds with their recipes, but every beer is good and high quality.

Lookout Brewing is a small brewery located in Black Mountain, NC that produces unpretentious beers for the “porch life.”  Porch sitting is one of the best things about the South.  You just sit out on your porch and listen and watch the world go by.  It is best done with the adult beverage of your choice (mine are usually bourbon or beer) and possibly a cigar or pipe.

20150525_190739The Lookout Brewing Black Mountain IPA is a balanced and smooth rye IPA.  It pours a clear dark amber/light brown with a good fluffy off-white head.  There is a moderate hop aroma with a sweet peppery rye malt aroma.

This is a smooth beer.  It doesn’t stay on the palate too long and has a nice carbonation.  It’s medium and dry mouthfeel helps highlight the spicy nature of the rye.  It also uses a honey malt which adds to the sweet complexity without making it cloying.

If you like a good sipping beer, this is a very good choice.

Porch sitting brings to mind watching Andy Griffith play blue grass on his show and my aunt’s 70s soul music from going to my grandmother’s house after church on Sundays.  Here is a playlist of bluegrass covers of R&B and rap songs.  This may be my favorite playlist of all time.