Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 6/11/15

Today’s links are a motley crew.  Surprisingly nothing about beer/alcohol laws or production caps (well maybe a little).  Here they are:

  • A short interview with author Randy Mosher. I would love to read the full version of this talk.  Mosher is really smart and not afraid to state his opinion.
  • Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is going to drop another $2 million into its new location. They are expanding their production and should reach the magic number of 25,000 barrels by the end of 2016.
  • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this year’s State of Origin Beer Fest, which is a great showcase for North Carolina beer. There are a number of festivals happening in NC in June and here is a listing from the NC Beer Guys.
  • This debate over the term “craft beer” has been going on for a few years. The first wave of craft brewers that survived have all grown to sizes that don’t fit the way people thought of craft brewers.  Essentially, they are too big.  So the Brewer’s Association amended its definition of a craft brewer a couple of years ago to reflect that.  I think the term still has use as a way to distinguish between the beer mass produced by multinational corporations who would just as soon make widgets if they could make more money doing it and the beers produced by companies that actually care what the product is and tastes like.
  • This blog post by Stacey Lynn at Brew Studs sums up my feelings on beer labels that use highly sexualized images: Why? Why take the chance to offend someone who will then go on Twitter and Facebook and kill you?  At that point, nothing you say will make you look better.  I know coming up with name and labels for beers that haven’t been taken is getting increasingly difficult and when you combine that with attempts at irreverence you can get a beer called Tramp Stamp with the obvious label that offends someone walking through Total Wine looking for a chardonnay to have at dinner.  That’s the person who is going to go on Facebook and rant about it.