Growler Taste Test: Hi-Wire Brewing Uprisin’ Hefeweizen

One thing I like about the craft beer movement here in North Carolina is the growing emphasis on local ingredients in the beer.  Brewers do this for two reasons best summed up by Fullsteam Brewing:

“We don’t buy local because it’s trendy. We buy local because Southern ingredients give our beer distinct character and the act of local commerce creates jobs and wealth for North Carolina farmers and food producers.”

The Hi-Wire Brewing Uprisin’ Hefeweizen uses a 100% North Carolina grown wheat malt from Riverbend Malt House of Asheville.  Riverbend specializes in producing malt from 6-row barley for North Carolina’s growing craft beer industry.  This malt provides the base for a good summer American style hefeweizen.

Uprisin’ pours with a classic hazy straw color and20150608_162832 OK off white head.  On the nose you get bananas with cloves and a touch of peppercorn with a hint of bready sweetness.  The clove aroma isn’t as prominent as in other hefeweizens putting the emphasis on the banana aroma.

It is light on the tongue with little alcohol detected in the taste.  You get a trace of floral hops taste, but not enough to distract you from the bready, banana taste with a dash of cloves and peppercorn.  It has a short sparkling crisp taste that is perfect for a summer day.  Combine that with a pretty light abv (5%) you get what is a good summer porch sitting beer.

That brings us to the new feature for the reviews:  music recommendations.  This is a summer beer so I created a short Spotify playlist of the kind of summery music this beer puts me in mind of for when I’m sitting out on my porch rocking back and forth drinking a nice cold crisp beer to beat back the summer heat.

Uprisin’ Hefeweizen Playlist