Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why (with an extra today), 5/27/15

Here are a few interesting articles today.  You will notice that there are more than five because one is an article that has very little if anything to do with beer.  Actually, it isn’t even an article.  It is a Department of Justice press release.

  • My growing love of small town newspapers continues. This story out of Brainerd, MN shows the continued complexities of US beer/alcohol laws. I have no problem with a local municipality deciding on things like this, and as someone who doesn’t go to his own county’s fair so that he doesn’t have to deal with people, I understand the sentiment to keep the drunkenness to a minimum. The part I love most, however is the biography of the reporter at the end of the story.  I’ve never seen a reporter’s bio include their high school.  “She ain’t no outsider, she’s one of us.”
  • Here is a fun read on the crazy things homebrewers try putting in their beers. Remember this the next time you get a beer with something like scorpions brewed in it.  Most craft brewers started out as homebrewers just trying stuff.  That attitude is one reason I love craft brewers.
  • Nanobrewing is growing in popularity. It is driven by a consumer base always searching for something different and something new and the let’s just try some shit attitude of homebrewers.  That can be good or it can be bad.
  • The Ontario government will now run craft beer retail stores. At first I thought this was another twist in the rather confusing Canadian beer/alcohol laws, but the more I thought about it, the less strange it is.  I live in a state, North Carolina, where the state government owns all the liquor stores.  It isn’t that much of a stretch to see a state government own and operate beer and wine stores as well.
  • One of my beer dreams is to take a trip to Belgium and tour breweries. This article explains why.
  • I went to bed last night and the world was as it always was. FIFA was a corrupt gang of pirates plundering the soccer world at will.  I wake up this morning and while this is still true, some of the pirates have been arrested.  Here is the DOJ press release about the people they hope will roll over on Sepp Blatter.  We are at the part of the NYPD Blue episode where the detectives have arrested all the people they can prove are involved in the crime and put them in separate rooms.  Next comes the speech.  You know, “There is five of you and one deal to be had.  Whoever talks first walks, the rest of you go to jail.  What do you want to do?”