Growler Taste Review No. 3: Big Boss Monkey Bizz-ness

Wallonia is the predominately French speaking southern region of Belgium.  While it makes up over half the land mass of Belgium, Wallonia has contains only a third of the Belgian population.  It is also the home of the Chimay, Orval, and Rochefort breweries.  It is also the region that spawned the saison/farmhouse ale beer style.

20150427_170212Usually when you get a saison or a farmhouse ale, they are rather light.  The style was created to be enjoyed by Wallonian farmhands during the summer growing and harvesting seasons.  These beers tend to have a light amber color and feature a light taste that trends towards a fruity crispness.  The Big Boss Brewing Monkey Bizz-ness is a farmhouse ale that eschews such a dainty existence.  It comes at you with its 9% ABV and amber color and dares you to not like it.

The first thing you notice is the color.  It is a nice vibrant amber that has a thin off white head. banana-bread-oh-1732689-x Then you take a sniff and get banana, cloves, cinnamon, and all spice.  It smells like a nice fluffy piece of banana bread.  When you taste it you do not immediately get the alcohol.  It feels kind of medium heavy on the tongue the spices and sugars coat the mouth.  You get the taste of a moist banana bread.  It isn’t until the backend that you get the alcohol.  Then the best way to describe it is, like a piece of banana bread soaked in a light rum.

Whereas most saison’s and farmhouse ales are made for the beach or a summer picnic (lighter and a little more refreshing) Monkey Bizz-ness is a beer made for dessert or drank from a nice snifter while sitting on your porch at night watching fireflies dance and play.

If you like good beer, go and find this in a bar on tap or in bottles at your local bottle shop. As a shameless plug we have Monkey Bizz-ness in bottles and currently on tap at Craft Growler Shop.