Growler Taste Test Review No. 2: AMB Long Leaf IPA

Appalachian Mountain Brewery Long Leaf IPA

Growler 3 days old

20150429_151221Appalachian Mountain Brewery is a brewery that takes seriously its role as a member of the North Carolina High Country community.  Here is a link to all of its community and philanthropic ventures.

Now, being great in the community would not matter if the beer was not good.  They are in business to brew beer after all.

The Long Leaf IPA is one of their flagship beers (along with Honey Badger Blonde and Black Gold Porter).  The Long Leaf weighs in at 7.1% ABV and pours a nice light amber color.  It is clear and has a nice fluffy off-white head.  It looks beautiful in the glass.

It gives off a wonderful American hop nose with lots of fruity citrus and pine aromas.  Underneath you also get a slight honey and caramel bready malt aroma.

It has a medium feel in the mouth and leaves a nice dry taste on the finish. Being an American IPA it has a nice full hoppy taste leaning towards pine, grass, and citrus.  The important part of this is that it is a well-balanced beer where the alcohol does not intrude on the hop taste.  You get a nice touch of sweetness (instead of alcohol) from the malt that, again, keeps the beer balanced.

This is a really good beer that is exactly what an American IPA should taste like.  It is very hop forward with all the hallmarks of American hops, but it is balanced with a nice malt sweetness that isn’t all alcohol.  Too many brewers think to make an American IPA you just need to throw in a bunch of hops and create a malt bill that balances it out but not with sweetness but just alcohol.

You should really give this beer a try.  It could be the next big one from North Carolina.