Five Beer Articles You Need To Read And Why, 4/24/15

This is posting late and will be rather abbreviated.  Tomorrow’s version should post in the morning.

We start with the legislation

  • Another article about North Carolina HB 625. This is a little clearer as to what beer drinkers and craft brewers would gain if and when the legislation is passed.  Apparently this could get delayed in committee pushing it until the next legislative session in 2016.  If you can’t beat it, delay it.
  • Speaking of legislative battles, it seems craft beer lovers in Florida have finally won the right to purchase 64 ounce growlers.  This article lays out the 3 year battle and its weird twists and turns.  How a bill becomes a law isn’t as simple as School House Rock told us.

Craft beer is the ultimate small business in the United States.  Here are two articles that highlight that.

  • This is a familiar story to anyone who has followed craft beer. Two friends drawn together by their love of craft beer, begin home brewing and then slowly decide, “Hey, lets sell this stuff to people.”  I love it.
  • This is the internet era version of the same story. Take Kickstarter and it is the same familiar service.
  • Here is the article that tells me I was born too early. If I was in college now, I would take classes that teach me about beer.  Of course, I did get taught a lot about beer in college.  Just not in classroom.  More like on Frat Court, in smoky dorm rooms, and most importantly, in the suite bathroom seeing my own stomach lining.